Distributor Terms and conditions

Rules, Terms and Conditions


  1. The applicant must be 18 years or above and should be vested with the legal capacity to independently conduct the business of selling company's product range competently and perform all such related acts, deeds and things that are connected thereto.
  2. The company reserves all rights whether to accept the application of new distributor or reject whatsoever and it is final and binding on the applicant. On selection as distributor a unique Identification No will be issued, which is Non-transferable. He/she from thenceforth is eligible for certain incentives like discounts, bonuses and rewards as detailed in the Business Plan of the company.
  3. An individual can have only one distributor ID on his/her name.
  4. A distributor has to be an individual and not an agency/company / branch name.
  5. A terminated distributor can join fresh with a new application only after 6 months from the date of termination.
  6. The distributor is an non-exclusive contractor - distributor and not an agent, employee, partner, or legal representative of Arjana Products Pvt. Ltd. for any purpose whatsoever. He/she shall be responsible for his own business and for compliance of the Central, State and local statues and regulations and all applicable laws.
  7. The company logo/trademark or other literature pertaining to the company shall not be used by the distributor for representation or for any gain.
  8. The distributor shall abide by sales policy and procedure of the company in vogue or as amended anytime in the future.
  9. The company shall no way be responsible for any past, present or future liability incurred by the distributor while conducting the Arjana business.
  10. The distributor shall purchase the company's products as per the distributor pricelist and should not sell the products and services at a price more than MKP (Maximum Retail Price) printed on the product pack label and no deviation will be permissible under any circumstances whatsoever
  11. All taxes, duties government levies applicable to the sales made by the distributor shall be payable by the distributor as per the procedure and law of the land.
  12. The distributor shall promote the company’s products in accordance with the contents of the company’s printed documents & publicity material supplied by the company and prohibited to make any amendments thereto or revision thereof by the distributor.
  13. The distributor shall not sell the company's products to or through retail outlets/shops as it is contrary to the Business Plan and Sales Policy of the company.
  14. All commissions including Royalty Bonus etc. earned by the distributor in accordance with the Business Plan shall be credited or paid to him/her on fort night / monthly basis after deducting expenses due towards distributors account, TDS and any other Tax. Duties or Levies imposed by the Government, only after receiving the PAN number & copy of PAN of Distributor.
  15. All bonuses (including royalty bonus), commission rewards are calculated on PV (point  value), GPV  (group point value generated by your group from each side), PPV- personal point  value only.
  16. The company is having the absolute rights to terminate the distributorship, in the event of failure on part of the distributor, to comply with the terms and conditions and code of ethics at any point of time without giving any prior notice.
  17. The distributors can neither claim that the product is a cure for diseases nor he/she should do any diagnosis and suggest treatment unless he/she is a registered medical practitioner.
  18. Products have to be checked with regard to quantity, packing and seal etc., before leaving the delivery counter. Afterwards the company is not responsible.
  19.  Arjana products pvt. Ltd.  customer satisfactory  policy-under this policy  a  distributor  may return h another products for  refund  of money  within 30 days  for sealed  products in  saleable condition,  refund  of  money  as  per the company  norms (or) exchange for another product or  exchange  for  another  product  of the company  (or)  credit  note  for  exchange with another item,  original  purchase invoice has to be submitted along with the  product.
  20. The distributor will not mislead the new members with false promises of high incentives, income and business opportunities. He has to communicate the company's business plan in Toto without any changes.
  21. The company is the final Authority to interpret the rules, regulations, instructions and sales policy applicable to and governing the conduct of the distributor.
  22. The applicant should read, understand the code of ethics printed in the company's business manual and seek all clarifications and explanations from his sponsor before signing the application form.
  23. In the event of death of a distributor the incentives and bonuses as on death will be paid to the "nominee" mentioned in his/her distributor Application Form. The decision in this regard will be final and binding. The nomination facility is applicable for one generation only i.e., Nominee cannot appoint another nominee.
  24. The company can change, modify and alter the business plan, rules, regulations, prices, terms, conditions and code of ethics without any prior notice or intimation to the distributors.
  25. Distributor must not make any negative or disparaging remarks about the company.
  26. Arjana Products pvt  ltd   is a private limited  company  under the  company  act  of 1956 registered with the   registrar of companies  Chennai,  All disputes  or  differences   shall be adjudicated upon  bya  court appropriate jurisdiction at  Mayiladuthurai  only.
  27. The ’original invoice’, copy of the purchase should be kept with the distributor for future reference for confirmation of Point Value (PV)
  28. One who is 18 yrs and above is eligible to become the independent distributor with Arjana products pvt. ltd.
  29.  Once you  are registered  with  Arjana it is mandatory  to buy  any products  of your  choice to  activate  the  id  for  life time.
  30.  The independent  distributor  cannot  cancel  his /her   distributorship  and  have their  spouse  join under another  distributor  irrespective  of whether   the spouse  was a  co-applicant  or  not.
  31.  Personal  sale  of  rs.500  to  1000 is compulsory  once  in a month  to  get  the commission  for the particular  month
  32.  Company  reserves  the rights  to change  or  alter  business  plan  or  product  range, at  any  time  without  any assigning  reason    whatsoever.
  33.  The  independent  distributor  cannot resign  and rejoin  under  a different  name  immediately,  that distributor may do so after  6 months from  the date of acceptance of resignation.
  34.  The independent distributors  are not  permitted under  any  circumstances  to  market  any product  which  are  not  approved  by Arjana in  the network.
  35.  Any distributor willing to join Arjana Products Pvt.  Ltd., must submit all KYC documents for release of payout.
  36.  All the information about the company’s activities announcements   will   only be displayed in company’s website.
  38. This agreement  and  all  questions  of  its  interpretation  shall  be  governed  by  and construed  in  accordance  with  the laws  of the  republic  of India.

I have read, understood and agreed to the above rules, terms and conditions.

  1. To access your Distributor Profile, Invoice Details, Commission payment, Tree View etc., please login www.richieese.com. Enter Your Distributor ID No. as User Name and Password: DOB (Date Of Birth) in the format: "DDMMYYYY" and view your information.
  2. Please check the information after login and inform company if you find any discrepancies in your invoices and other information

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